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Latino Health Outreach Project

With initial funding and assistance from St. Joseph’s-Froedtert Hospital and their Healthy Community Fund, Casa Guadalupe started a Latino Health Outreach Project (LHOP) in 2013. The main goal of this project is to help increase the knowledge of health literacy among the Spanish speaking residents of Washington County, and help improve their overall quality of life and wellbeing.

We are reaching out to the Hispanic community, and hearing them voice what health and wellness topics are important to them and their families and what questions they have regarding our local health care system. To successfully reach out to the community, a LHOP committee has been created, and we are currently organizing and facilitating health literacy round tables, “Health Literacy Education Outreach” hospitality and health screening sessions, making home visits, and facilitating educational mini-seminars in homes, at Hispanic businesses,  and community and cultural events.

Through funds received from the Healthy Community Fund and the West Bend Community Foundation, we expanded upon our program in January 2014, and started the 
Latino Healthy Lifestyle Choices Project. The objective is that Spanish speaking families in Washington County will be enabled to make informed decisions about healthier lifestyle choices, targeting nutrition, physical activity, and chronic health management. Our goal is that Latinos will learn effective diet management and chronic illness prevention which helps to achieve Wisconsin’s high rankings of healthiness, and helps to reduce Emergency Department visits and hospitalization. 

Casa Guadalupe is working with many local health care agencies and community partners to make these projects a success, including St. Joseph’s Hospital, Albrecht Free Clinic, Spaulding Clinical Research, American Heart Association, Washington County Health Department, Planned Parenthood, UW-Extension, Kettle Moraine YMCA, Healthline First Aid, and Susan G. Komen



Click on the link below to open and read the LHOP newsletters:

April 2013 Spanish                                                         April 2013 English

July 2013 Spanish                                                          July 2013 English

October 2013 Spanish                                                    October 2013 English

January 2014 Spanish                                                    January 2014 English

April 2014 Spanish                                                          April 2014 English

July 2014 Spanish                                                          July 2014 English

October 2014 Spanish                                                   October 2014 English

January 2015 Spanish                                                   January 2015 English 

April 2015 Spanish                                                         April 2015 English

July 2015 Spanish                                                          July 2015 English